Seduce Me

Levi and Pauly started the morning drinking coladas at South Beach when a hotty caught their eyes. She was a beautiful blonde babe that looked perfectly suited to Levi’s tastes. Levi grabbed Pauly’s camera and ran after the suspected MILF. Alura Jenson went into a nearby shop, and Levi followed her. When he caught up, and they started talking, the two hit it off. We found out Alura was on vacation while her family was at home. Perfect. Levi snuck over to the dressing room, as she was trying on a new bathing suit, and he got a peek at her sexy body. With huge tits and an ass to match, Levi couldn’t resist and joined her in the dressing room. They made a little mess in the dressing room, as Alura’s pussy juice dripped. Levi invited her back to his hotel room for a little more privacy. Once inside closed doors, Alura totally let loose, and the ass and titties really start bouncing. Alura hadn’t been fucked like that in years and gave it everything she had. Once Levi got all the MILFy goodness he could handle, he covered her face in cum, as she requested.

Seduce Me starring Alura Jenson

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